Champion Vs Honda Generator

Champion vs Honda Generator

Are you finding it hard to choose between a champion and a Honda generator? Do you want to know about their features and specs? Both portable and standby generators are handy for various situations, like using at home, camping, in an RV, for parties, and when the power goes out or there’s an emergency like a hurricane.

This post begins by looking at each Champion and Honda generator by itself. Then, we’ll compare different models, such as Honda EU2200i vs. Champion 2500 Generators, 75531i Champion 3100 vs. Honda 3000i and Honda EU3000is vs. Champion 3500 Inverter Generators. Keep reading to learn more about these comparisons.

Comparison Between: Champion vs Honda Generator

Champion Power Equipment

Champion Power Equipment was started 2003 by Dennis Trine in California and is now a big name in the generator business. They’ve sold over 4.5 million generators in North America, so a lot of people like them. They make their generators in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Jackson, Tennessee; and Toronto, Ontario. Champion is famous for developing new ideas, like their V-Twin engine and generators that can use dual fuel. 

Champion Power Equipment 100231 5500-Watt Portable Generator
Champion Power Equipment 100231 5500-Watt Portable Generator

Even though they design the generators in the United States, they make them in China, where some people talk about how good the generators are. Most people think Champion generators are strong and work well, especially for home. They also really care about making customers happy, and that’s one of the things that makes them different from other brands.

Honda Brand

The Honda Motor Company started back in 1948 in Japan, and they have a long history of making great stuff. They didn’t start with cars or motorcycles; they began by making bicycle engines. In 1949, they made their first thing from scratch, a motorcycle called the “Dream.” After that, Honda became the biggest motorcycle maker in the world. They also started making cars in 1963. 

When it comes to making generators, Honda has been doing it since 1968, and now they are one of the biggest makers of portable generators in the world. People like Honda generators because they work well, don’t use too much fuel, and don’t make much noise. 

Honda Generators
Honda Generators Brand

Honda has many different types of generators, like ones you can carry around ( portable generators), ones that use less fuel (they call them inverter generators), and ones that are always ready to work. Honda is good at putting money into research and improving things, and they have this special engine called the GX series. 

People also like Honda’s generators, which are light and super quiet. Even though Honda’s generators might be more expensive, they are known for being good, working great, and lasting long.

Comparison of Various Champion vs Honda Generator Types

Let’s compare various series and types of Champion and Honda generators to evaluate their similarities and differences.

Honda EU2200i Vs Champion 2500 Portable Inverter Generator

When it comes to portable generators, both the Honda EU2200i and the Champion 2500 are strong contenders. Let’s explore the comparison between the Honda EU2200i vs. Champion 2500.

Power Output

The Honda EU2200i provides 1800 running and 2200 surge watts, which is great for powering various appliances. On the other hand, the Champion 2500 takes the lead in this category, offering 1850 running watts and 2500 surge watts. The Champion could be a better option if you run several appliances simultaneously.

Fuel Options

The Honda generator runs solely on gasoline, while the Champion 2500 offers dual fuel flexibility to use gasoline and propane. 

Power Output

Let’s talk about how much power they can provide. The Honda EU2200i gives you 1800 running watts and can go up to 2200 starting watts when you start it. On the other hand, the Champion 2500 offers 1850 watts while running and can go up to 2500 watts when you start it. The Champion might be a better choice if you must run many things simultaneously.


Thanks to its bigger fuel tank, the Champion 2500 can keep going for a longer time – about 11.5 hours at 25% power. On the other hand, Honda EU2200i can go for about 8.1 hours at the same power level.

Noise Levels

Regarding how much noise they make, the Honda EU2200i is quieter, running at 48 decibels. In comparison, the Champion 2500 is also quiet at 53 decibels but is a bit noisier.

Parallel Capability

Both generators have parallel capability and can be connected to another generator for more power. It is handy when you need a lot of electricity.


The Champion is lighter at 39 pounds, so it’s easier to move around than the Honda, which weighs 46.5 pounds.


Usually, the Champion 2500 is more affordable than the Honda EU2200i.

If you want a quiet, powerful, and easy-to-move generator, the Honda EU2200i might be the better pick. But if you’re on a budget and want a generator that can run for a long time, the Champion 2500 could be the one for you. 

Champion 3100 75531i vs Honda Eu 3000i Portable Gas Power Generator

The Champion 3100 and Honda 3000 are terrific options if you’re searching for a generator for your RV. They can power your RV, including the air conditioner. Here’s how they compare:

Power Output

The Champion 3100 and the Honda 3000 are two generators made specifically for RVs. The Champion 3100, however, wins out when it comes to power. It can provide up to 3,100 watts when you start it and 2,800 watts while running. The Honda 3000, on the other hand, offers a bit less, with 3,000 watts at the start and 2,600 watts while running. So, if you need more power for your RV appliances, the Champion 3100 might be the better choice.

Noise Levels

When it comes to keeping things quiet, the Honda 3000 has the edge. The Champion 3100 makes about 58 decibels of noise from 23 feet away. However, the Honda 3000 is quieter, with a noise level dropping to 52 decibels when using only 25% of its power. So, if peace is essential to you, the Honda 3000 is the quieter option.


The Champion 3100 and the Honda 3000 are easy to move around because they are portable. The Champion 3100 weighs 80 pounds, while the Honda 3000 is slightly lighter at 78 pounds. Some people find the Honda 3000 easier to move because its handles make lifting and rolling simpler, even on rough ground. So, if you want a generator that’s easy to handle, the Honda 3000 might be a bit more manageable.


They have the same-sized gas tank, which holds 1.6 gallons of fuel. But be cautious when filling it up, just like with most generators. The Champion 3100 and the Honda 3000 use inverter technology, which helps them use fuel efficiently and provide clean, reliable power for your electronics and appliances. 


When it comes to plugging things in, both the Honda 3000 and Champion 3100 offer similar options. They both have one plug that’s 120 volts and 30 amps, two regular 120-volt plugs, and one 12-volt plug. It gives you plenty of ways to power your RV and charge your batteries so that you will have options.


The Champion 3100 is more budget-friendly compared to the Honda 3000. If you’re looking for a generator that balances performance with cost, the Champion 3100 could be the right choice. However, remember that Honda is known for its reliability and durability, which might be worth considering when deciding.

Honda EU2200i vs Champion 2000W Inverter Generators Comparison

If you’re looking for a portable generator, two popular options are the Honda EU2200i and the Champion 2000W. Let’s examine what they provide in more detail:

Power Output

These generators can give you 1800 watts when you’re running things and 2000 watts when you start them up. 


The Honda has a bigger engine, which is 121cc, while the Champion’s engine is a bit smaller at 79cc. For that matter, Honda works better.

Fuel Tank

The Champion has a gas tank that’s a bit bigger, holding about 1.06 gallons. It can now operate for a longer period. On the other side, Honda has a smaller tank, just about 0.95 gallons.

Noise Levels

The Champion makes a bit more noise, about 61 decibels, while the Honda is quieter at 57 decibels. And Honda could be important in a place where noise is problematic.


Even though the Honda’s tank is smaller, it can keep running for about 8.1 hours when you only use a quarter of its power. The Champion can go even longer, running for an impressive 11.5 hours.


The Honda is easier to move since it weighs 47.4 pounds. At 39.5 pounds, The Champion is a little heavier than Honda.


Both generators come with warranties. Honda gives you a 3-year warranty, which doesn’t matter if you use it at home or for business. The Champion also has a 3-year warranty, but it’s limited.

Extra Things

Both of these generators have a mode that saves fuel and can be connected by having parallel capability to give more power. The Honda also has something that checks for carbon monoxide, which can be important for safety. 


The Champion is much less expensive than the Honda, so it’s a good choice if you’re trying to save money.

Ultimately, think about what you need and what’s important to you. Do you want something really quiet, runs for a long time, or doesn’t cost too much? That will enable you to select the best option for you.

Honda EU3000is vs. Champion 3500 Inverter Generators

Let’s compare the Honda EU3000is and the Champion 3500 generators:

Power Output:

  • Honda EU3000is: It can continuously give you a maximum of 3000 watts with 2800 watts. This makes it powerful for many uses.
  • Champion 3500: It offers 3500 watts to start with and 2300 watts continuously. It’s quite powerful but more steady than the Honda.

Fuel Type:

  • Honda uses gasoline, which works well and is reliable.
  • The Champion 3500 also uses gasoline and propane, giving you dual fuel options.

Noise Levels:

  • The Honda is quiet at 58 decibels, so it’s great for RVs, tailgating, and camping without being too noisy.
  • The Champion 3500 uses special technology to keep the noise down at 58 decibels.


  • The Honda can run up to 20 hours, thanks to its 3.4-gallon fuel tank and efficient fuel use.
  • The Champion 3500 can go up to 10 hours on just 1.2 gallons of gasoline, which is better for shorter needs.


  • The Honda has a 120V outlet for household devices, clean power with less than 3% distortion, and a 12V outlet for your car.
  • The Champion 3500 also has a 120V household outlet for clean power.

Additional Features:

  • Both have features like checking voltage, frequency and how long they run. They also have safety features like an auto shutoff system for carbon monoxide.
  • The Champion 3500 has an easy start system and an economy mode to save power.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • The Honda is 25.9 inches long, 17.6 inches wide, 22 inches high, and weighs 131 pounds.
  • The Champion 3500 is 23.8 inches long, 16.4 inches wide, 19.4 inches high, and weighs 57.8 pounds.

Parallel Capability:

  • Both can be connected to another generator for more power when needed.

Comparison Tabel:Honda EU3000is vs Champion 3400W

Specifications Champion 3400W Generator Honda EU3000is
CO Sensor Yes Yes
Dimensions 25.1″ x 17.3″ x 18.3″ 25.9″ x 17.6″ x 22″
Eco Mode Yes Yes
Engine Type OHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder (192cc) OHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder (196cc)
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.6 gallons 3.4 gallons
Image Champion Power Equipment 3400 Watt Honda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000W
Noise Level 53dB at 40 feet (ECO-mode) 53-54dB at 23.5 feet (ECO mode)
Outlets 2 x 120V 20A (5-20R), 1 x 120V 30A (TT-30R), 1 x 12V DC 12V DC, 20A, 30A 120V AC, 30A Twist lock
Parallel Connection Yes Yes
Peak Power 3400 watts 3000 watts
Running Power 3100 watts 2800 watts
Runtime 7.8 hours (gasoline) / 14.5 hours (propane) at 25% load Up to 20 hours at 25% load
Starting Mechanism Electric, wireless remote, and manual recoil Manual recoil, electric start
Type Inverter Inverter
Voltage 12 Volts 120 Volts
Warranty 3-year limited with free lifetime technical support 3-year for residential and commercial use
Weight 95.7 lbs 130.7 lbs


  • What are the differences between Honda and Champion generators?

    Champion generators are cheaper and easier to use. Honda generators are quieter, use less fuel, and last longer. Both have their good points, but they differ in cost and noise.

  • What makes the power output of Honda and Champion different?

    Champion generators come in sizes from 1,200 to 15,000 watts. Honda generators also have various sizes, from 900 to 10,000 watts. Honda generators give more consistent power when you use a lot, but some Champion models can match their power.

  • How do Champion and Honda compare in terms of fuel efficiency?

    Usually, Honda generators use less fuel and can run for up to 20 hours on one tank. Champion generators are also efficient but may run less long. It depends on what fuel they use and how much power they need.

  • Which generator brand is more durable, Champion or Honda?

    Both Champion and Honda generators last a long time. Honda generators are considered tougher and more reliable, often made from all metal. Champion generators are durable, too, but they might not be as tough as Hondas.

  • What is the price difference between Champion and Honda generators?

    Honda generators are usually more expensive than Champion generators. The cost difference depends on the generator’s size and how much power it gives.

End Words

Choosing between a Champion vs Honda generator depends on your specific needs and budget. Both brands have their strengths, and each excels in various aspects. Champion generators offer cost-effective solutions without sacrificing reliability, making them a great choice for budget-conscious consumers. On the other hand, Honda generators are renowned for their exceptional quality, fuel efficiency, and low noise levels, making them an attractive option for those who prioritize these features. Consider your power requirements, how long you need the generator to run, and your budget when deciding.

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