What To Do Why My Onan Generator Keep Shutting Off

What To Do Why My Onan Generator Keep Shutting Off? Help!

My Onan generator keeps shutting off for different causes. The generator often cuts down unexpectedly. This post will concentrate on the most common reasons. Understanding these generator issues can help you diagnose and fix them.

Actions To Take If Your Onan Generator Isn’t Starting

You may repair an Onan generator that keeps switching off by doing the instructions below:

Check The Crankcase’s Oil Level For Low Levels

To ensure the crankcase’s oil levels are suitable for operation, you should check them. If not, apply extra oil to ensure your generator’s functioning efficiently.

Change Your Spark Plugs

Replace the spark plugs in your generator with new ones if you’ve determined that they’re the cause of it turning off. For your Onan generator, get some replacement spark plugs compatible with the part number of the old, defective ones. They are accessible online or at a nearby retailer.

Change The Generator’s Top

Any issues with the generator head, such as damaged or worn-out gaskets for the cover plate or other areas of the generator, broken or loosened generator head bolts, or worn-out gaskets for the cover plate, must be replaced. To replace this component, you must unscrew the generator head nuts. For ease of removal, use a wrench, socket set, or impact drill.

Check To See Whether The Fuel System Has Any Air Leaks

An engine’s performance, fuel efficiency, and strain can all be reduced when faulty hoses cause air leaks or loose connections.

Clogged air filter

Make that the air filter is adequate. By just replacing your air filter regularly, you may avoid several issues caused by a dirty filter.

Tighten Any Loose Connections To Ground Wires

You should inspect this to determine if it’s loose or rusted since a loose ground wire connection is frequently to blame for an unexpected generator shutdown. To prevent corrosion and screw loosening, always use a wrench while tightening any screws.

Check To See Whether The Fuel Tank’s Skimmers Are Blocked

Your generator may also cut off abruptly due to clogged skimmers in the fuel tank; if this happens, replace the old skimmers with new ones. They are available online or at a store close to you.

How To Proceed If Your Onan Generator Won’t Turn On

Checking The Gasoline

  • Checking the gasoline should always be your first step if your generator won’t start. Make sure the diesel or fuel tank is full. Fill the tank with the appropriate fuel if there isn’t any already. After filling the tank with gasoline, turn the On/Off/Reverse switch to “On” and keep the choke held down if you are having trouble starting the generator. It would help if you kept doing this until you could no longer maintain the choke. After fueling your generator, if you are still having trouble starting it, your fuel pump may malfunction.

Voltage Regulator

  • You may be experiencing problems if your generator has an automated voltage regulator because the voltage levels are not appropriately regulated. See the owner’s handbook to determine if your generator has a computerized voltage regulator. If so, you must verify the voltage reading on the display screen of your generator. You will need to change the voltage if it is out of range. Sadly, this procedure is different depending on the kind of generator you have. If you’re unsure how to change your voltage levels correctly, you should consult your owner’s handbook.

Generator’s Engine Oil

  • Check your generator’s engine oil to see if the voltage and frequency are in order. If the oil level is low, add the proper engine oil. Consult your owner’s handbook if you’re unsure how much engine oil your generator needs.

Overload Generator

  • If your generator is overloaded, it might occasionally cut off without warning. Check to see if your generator’s load capacity can handle the demands of the tools you’re trying to power.

Internal Short-Circuit

  • If your generator has many outlets, an internal short-circuit in one of the outlets might cause its switching off. Check each outlet’s prongs to make sure they are not damaged or bent to correct this. If so, you’ll need to swap them out.

You might need to have your generator serviced or replaced if none of these problems apply to it.


Several contributing elements The Onan generator that I have keeps tripping the circuit breaker. It is not uncommon for the generator to shut off without prior warning. The explanations listed above are some of the most common ones. If you have an understanding of the problems that are occurring with the generator, you will have an easier time diagnosing and fixing it.

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