Best Portable Generator For Travel Trailer
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5 Best Portable Generator For Travel Trailer

Picture yourself in your travel trailer, deep in the forest. You want to keep your laptop powered up, keep the lights on at night, and charge your phone. Discover the Best Portable Generator For Travel Trailer options to fulfill your power needs. Here are the 5 winners: Champion 100307, WEN 56380i 3800-Watt, Westinghouse iGen4500, DuroMax XP4400E, and A-iPower SUA2000iV. These generators supply the power you require and are your traveling buddies on the road and in the RV. To select the best suit for your outings, look at Amazon for their specifications and prices or read the reviews below.

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WEN 56380i 3800-Watt Portable RV Inverter Generator

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RV enthusiasts looking for a dependable and adaptable power source must get the WEN 56380i. Its long lifespan, whisper-quiet operation, and electric start technology offer convenience and security when engaging in outdoor activities. It outperforms other well-liked versions in terms of cost, sleekness, and features suitable for RVs, making it a wise purchase for any camper or traveler.

Suppose you like to use your RV or travel trailer for outdoor activities. For power requirements, the WEN 56380i is my top choice. It’s a great choice for portable RV generators. Unlike other generators, this one is dependable and adaptable. This generator has a special value. This choice should be considered by anyone looking for a reliable power source for their RV.

One of the standout aspects of the WEN 56380i is its impressive runtime of 8.5 consecutive hours at half power. This extended operation time allows you to power your appliances without constant interruptions. Additionally, the generator operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable experience outdoors.

Wen 56380I 3800 Watt Portable Rv Inverter Generator Box
WEN 56380i 3800 Watt Portable RV Inverter Generator box

The bother of manual starts is gone, thanks to the simple electric start technology. Although it weighs 99.2 lbs, the included wheels have come in handy and made transporting for you surprisingly simple. Your RV or van setup gains some elegance from its sleek and contemporary style.

Affordability and capability come together in the WEN 56380i, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an inverter generator that won’t break the bank. Its ability to power any appliance efficiently has impressed me, serving as a reliable and economical power backup source.

Compared to other popular RV generators like the Champion 3000 watt and Honda EU3000is, the GENMAX GM-3200i stands out with its similar size but significantly lighter and less bulky design. 

While inverter generators seem like the ideal solution for food trucks and carts due to their compact small size and low noise levels, big-brand models like Honda can be expensive, fortunately, WEN offers a cost-effective alternative with the WEN 56380i, providing ample power at a reasonable price.

Best Portable Generator For Travel Trailer Wen 56380I 3800 Watt
Best Portable Generator For Travel Trailer WEN 56380i 3800 Watt

The WEN 56380i stands out in part due to its eco-throttle function and fuel efficiency. We feel secure in it because it complies with state-by-state EPA III and CARB criteria and is environmentally beneficial. Additional safety features like overload prevention and low oil shutdown further increase its appeal.

The WEN 56380i 3,800-watt inverter generator, which comes with a 2-year warranty and top-notch customer service and support, is a beautiful purchase overall. The WEN generator 56380i quality and longevity are attested to by WEN’s longstanding reputation as a trustworthy business since 1951.

Customer Reviews For WEN 56380i 3800-Watt Portable RV Inverter Generator

The WEN 56380i has received highly favorable customer feedback. Many clients laud its fuel economy and quiet operation, highlighting how it calms outdoor activities. RV owners and campers will find it a practical option because of its simplicity of use and electric start technology.

WEN 56380i Portable Generator Specification and Description

  • Wattage: 3800 watts
    • Provides ample power for various appliances
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
    • Suitable for various outdoor events
  • Item Weight: 99.2 Pounds
    • Relatively portable and manageable
  • Color: Orange/Black
    • Attractive and easily recognizable design
  • Product Dimensions: 23.2″L x 18″W x 20.1″H
    • Compact size for storage and transport
  • Half-load runtime of up to 8.5 hours
    • Extended use without frequent refueling
  • Fuel shutoff feature
    • Maximizes generator lifespan
  • Multiple outlets and digital display
    • Convenient power distribution and monitoring
  • Total harmonic distortion of less than 1.2 percent
    • Safe for sensitive electronics


  • Excellent value for the money
  • RV prepared
  • Quiet
  • High wattage – ideal for lager travel trailers


Champion 100307 3500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator Review

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Get the Champion Power Equipment 100307 for your recreational vehicle or travel trailer. With a 3500-watt output and dual fuel capabilities, it outperforms its rivals and ensures efficiency and practical fuel selection. It has undergone a thorough investigation and evaluation and guarantees dependable performance, mobility, and client satisfaction. Boost your explorations right away!

If you’re searching for a reliable portable generator for your RV or Travel Trailer, the Champion Power Equipment 100307 is a top contender. When compared to its rivals, such as the DuroStar DS4000s, WEN DF475T 4750 dual-fuel, Westinghouse WGEN 3600DF, and Champion 100302 4000-watt open frame inverter generator, the 100307 stands out because of its 3500-watt and dual fuel capability, which increases efficiency and makes it easier to choose the right fuel to use.

Choosing the best mid-range portable generator was no easy task, but after thorough research, I confidently declare the Champion 100307 as one of the finest in the industry. I compared its making, features, pricing, portability, ease of use, and maintenance costs to give our readers the best value for their money.

The dual fuel capability is a major plus point, allowing this generator to run on either gasoline or propane. A 3.4-gallon fuel capacity ensures a steady power supply for extended periods, perfect for various power needs. 

Champion Power Equipment 100307 4375/3500-Watt Dual Fuel Rv Ready Portable Generator
Champion Power Equipment 100307 4375/3500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

For those requiring more wattage, Champion Power has got you covered with other models providing up to 7500 watts. No need to worry about insufficient power!

I put the Champion 100307 to the test, and it passed with flying colors. Starting, it was a breeze, even in icy weather. Just note that starting on gasoline requires a functioning battery, while propane starting doesn’t depend on it.

Portability is another standout feature. The generator’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, and with an optional wheel kit, moving it becomes effortless. It’s a great companion for both home use and outdoor projects.

Let’s now discuss client testimonials. With this machine, customers are quite happy. Even in adverse weather, they gush about how simple it is to start and how consistently it performs. 

The positive reviews speak for itself, with an impressive 92% of users giving the Champion 100307 top ratings. Its dependable performance and user-friendly design have won over many satisfied customers.

Champion Power Equipment 100307 Specification and Description

  • Wattage: 3500 watts
    • Provides ample power for various appliances
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane (LPG)
    • Flexible fuel options for convenience
  • Power Source: Propane-powered
    • Suitable for RVs and home power needs
  • Item Weight: 104.9 Pounds
    • Relatively portable and manageable
  • Included Components: Oil Funnel, Propane (LPG) Hose
    • Essential accessories provided
  • Dimensions: 23.2″L x 19.1″W x 20″H
    • Compact size for storage and transport
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
    • Efficient and reliable engine design
  • Tank Volume: 3.4 Gallons
    • Extended run time without frequent refueling


  • great value for the money
  • Durable and well-built
  • Quick and simple to start
  • The switches and outlets are simple to use


  • Little loud

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen4500

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Due to its outstanding features and performance, the Westinghouse Power Equipment iGen4500 is a must-have. It is simple to run and keep an eye on, thanks to the remote start and LED data center. An excellent 18-hour run duration offers a dependable power source for indoor and outdoor use. Customers frequently choose it because of its quiet operation, reliable brand reputation, and overall value for the money.

When I saw the Westinghouse Power Equipment iGen4500, I was fascinated by its many high-tech features. It is an essential travel companion. The reputation of this generator as a top-notch power source for residences and outdoor enthusiasts is excellent.

When I reviewed this generator, I discovered that its remote start and LED data center were game-changers. They allowed me to start the generator from a distance and monitor its performance effortlessly. The LED display showed the machine’s stats, so you could easily track how it worked.

One feature that truly stood out to me was the remarkable run time of 18 hours, one of the longest in the market. The generator’s long run time made it feel safe, knowing it wouldn’t need refueling often.

The generator easily powers essential appliances in your travel trailer. It also served as a reliable backup power source for your home during unexpected outages.

As someone who values peace and calm during outdoor activities, the generator’s exceptionally quiet operation most impressed me. It perfectly merged into the peaceful surroundings and allowed peace of mind without noise interruptions. It is outstanding and versatile as a portable generator and causes no disruptions while working for trailers or residences.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 4500 Peak Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator
Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 4500 Peak Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

You felt confident in the iGen4500 because Westinghouse is a trusted company in electrical equipment. Compared to other generators in its price range, it undoubtedly offered exceptional value for money.

The Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator has gotten a lot of excellent feedback from customers. I understand completely. Due to this generator’s superior power solution, outdoor lovers and homeowners highly appreciate it.

Westinghouse iGen4500 Generator Specification and Description

  • Wattage: 3700 watts
    • Provides ample power for various appliances
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
    • Common fuel source for convenience
  • Item Weight: 93 Pounds
    • Relatively portable and manageable
  • Output Wattage: 4500 Watts
    • Reliable power output
  • Special Feature:
    • Portable, Digital Display, Electric Start, Overload Protection, Super Quiet, Low Oil Shutdown, Muffler, Hour Meter, Fuel Gauge, Remote Start, Telescoping Handle
  • Color: Blue
    • Attractive and easily recognizable design
  • Product Dimensions: 29.6″L x 21.5″W x 24.3″H
    • Compact small size for storage and transport
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Ignition System Type: Electric start
    • Efficient engine performance and easy starting
  • Tank Volume: 3.4 Gallons, Runtime: 18 hours
    • Extended run time without frequent refueling
  • Total Power Outlets: 5
    • Multiple outlets for versatile use


  • It is very portable because it is lightweight.
  • extremely quiet (52 dBA)
  • has an integrated inverter
  • exceptional fuel efficiency


  • It doesn’t have a GCFI outlet

A-iPower SUA2000iV RV Portable Inverter Generator

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Travel trailers are ideal for the durable and reasonably priced A-iPower SUA2000iV generator. It performed admirably in in-depth studies and garnered good user feedback. The portable design of the generator makes it perfect for outdoor activities, and its 2000 surge watts and fuel efficiency ensure that there is always enough power for devices and appliances when traveling. These features make the generator a significant investment.

If you need a dependable generator for your travel trailer, I highly recommend the A-iPower SUA2000iV. I was impressed that A-iPower may have lowered the price to enter the US market, but it still performs well.

After thoroughly investigating and evaluating customer feedback, I found that most people agreed with me. They were identical to what you might obtain from other generator manufacturers selling their products at affordable prices. I was happy with this generator when I first started reviewing it. The performance and build quality were excellent right away.

A Ipower Portable Inverter Generator, 2000W Box
A iPower Portable Inverter Generator, 2000W box

Only time will tell how long-lasting it will be, but I’m hoping it will last for you as well. The generator’s design is like other reliable models, so technicians can easily handle any future issues.

The portability of the generator is one of the unique advantages that improve your life. I can carry it with ease. It’s ideal for camping, picnics, RVing, travel trailers, and tailgating. It makes outdoor activities serene and can be utilized when traveling.

A Ipower Portable Inverter Generator, 2000W
A iPower Portable Inverter Generator, 2000W

In terms of power output, the SUA2000iV has been more than sufficient for power needs. The generator has a 79cc engine. The generator has 2000 surge watts, which can power your electronics and appliances easily. It also has a fuel gauge to track fuel levels and plan accordingly.

The A-iPower SUA2000iV has excellent fuel economy. It offers about 7 hours of backup at 50% load with its pure sine wave power. It has become my go-to generator for outdoor tours.

A-iPower SUA2000iV RV Inverter Generator Specification and Description

  • Wattage: 2000 watts
    • Provides sufficient power for sensitive electronics
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
    • Common fuel source for convenience
  • Item Weight: 50 Pounds
    • Relatively lightweight and portable
  • Special Feature:
    • Overload Protection, Low Oil Shutdown, Automatic Idle Control
    • Ensures safe operation and efficient performance
  • Color: Red
    • Attractive and easily recognizable design
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
    • Efficient and reliable engine design
  • Runtime: 10 hours
    • Extended use without frequent refueling
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Compatible with standard electrical frequency
  • Running Wattage: 1600 Watts
    • Consistent power supply for devices


  • Lightweight Compact
  • Stunning design and simple controls
  • includes a fuel gauge
  • Quiet


  • The side panel must be removed in order to add oil

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator

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For those who enjoy camping, the DuroMax XP4400E portable RV generator is essential. It’s an excellent option for those on a tight budget because of its cost and high voltage output without sacrificing performance. Its durability, favorable customer feedback, electric start option, and low oil sensor make it the ideal and suggested power source for outdoor excursions.

I love camping and being outside. Recently, I got a chance to review the DuroMax XP4400E portable RV generator. It was even better than I expected.

The affordability of this DuroMax XP4400E may catch your eye if you’re on a tight budget but want to maintain performance. When I first came across this generator, I was delighted by its outstanding quality and affordability.

The generator on my list with the highest voltage output is the XP4400E. This allowed me to power several gadgets and appliances conveniently. The XP4400E kept my voyage warm at night. Furthermore, it provided crucial equipment with electricity during blackouts.

It was helpful to have the electric start option because it made running the generator simple. I didn’t have to manually start the generator, which was particularly useful on chilly early-morning camping trips when I didn’t want to go outside. The generator was quite simple to begin from inside, thanks to the electric start. The low oil sensor was also beneficial. It prevented unforeseen shutdowns and kept me updated on the fuel level.

According to customers, the DuroMax XP4400E portable generator is affordable, efficient, and easy to use. Positive feedback from users highlights its reliability, making it a highly recommended and perfect solution for power needs.

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Specification and Description

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
    • Convenient and widely available fuel source
  • Item Weight: 127 Pounds
    • Moderate weight for a portable generator
  • Output Wattage: 4400 Watts
    • Reliable and substantial power output
  • Color: Blue/Black
    • Distinctive and visually appealing design
  • Product Dimensions: 24″L x 17″W x 17″H
    • Compact size for storage and transport
  • Material: Metal
    • Durable construction for long-term use
  • Model Name: Gas Powered Portable Generator – 4400 Watt –
    • Clear identification of the model
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Ignition System Type: Electric
    • Reliable engine with easy electric start
  • Tank Volume: 3.96 Gallons, Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Extended runtime and consistent power supply


  • Cheap
  • Easy to operate
  • Not very loud
  • Solid design


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Portable Generator for Travel Trailer

It would help if you had dependable power for your electronics to experience fantastic travel trail adventures. Pick the ideal portable generator for a comfortable experience when you’re outside. A thorough buyer’s guide is provided below to assist you in making a decision:

Power Requirements: 

Recognize Your Needs Let’s evaluate your power requirements first before making a decision. Please provide us with a list of the equipment you intend to utilize in your travel trailer. Include the power requirements for each. This stage lets you and me figure out how much wattage total we’ll want from your generator.

Power and Capacity 

Pick a generator with enough power to run your travel trailer comfortably. Choose a model that offers running watts (constant power) in addition to starting watts, which are needed to start appliances. Choose a higher powerful generator to accommodate unforeseen demands and ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Inverter Generators

Clean and Quiet Power If you can, invest in an inverter generator. Electronics like laptops and smartphones may be powered safely by these generators. Power is steady and pure. Additionally, they operate quietly, improving your camping experience without disturbing the tranquility of nature.

The ability to use dual fuels 

You can choose between using petrol or propane with a dual-fuel generator, providing you with various fuel options. When traveling to locations with less fuel, this option is incredibly beneficial, so we are always prepared.

Duration of Use and Fuel Economy: 

Continuous Adventures Let’s evaluate how long the generator will run on a full fuel tank. Less frequent stops for refueling on our journey means longer runtimes. To ensure that our excursion is uninterrupted, look for features like an “Economy Mode” to conserve fuel and extend the life of our generator.

Size and Portability: 

We can transfer the generator quickly because we chose a compact, small, and lightweight model. Because of the generator’s portability and minimal weight, moving it about our campsite is a breeze. Additionally, we may carry it onto our van to make the trip more convenient.

Safety Components: 

Consider safety features like low oil shutdown and overload protection when choosing a generator. We have these safety measures in place to protect our generator and ensure the journey goes smoothly.

Parallel Capability 

Select a parallel-capable generator to accommodate future increases in power requirements. As our needs evolve, we may use this capability to connect two generators and increase our power supply.

Noise Intensity 

Considering camping Think about generators that produce less noise, as measured in decibels (dB). The calm of our surroundings won’t be disturbed, and other campers won’t be bothered by quieter generators. Everyone will have a courteous and joyful camping experience thanks to this.

Affordable Options: 

High Quality for Your Budget Both the generator’s price and its features should be taken into account. There are trustworthy, effective, and reasonably priced choices available without sacrificing quality. This enables us to invest wisely in our excursions.

Warranties and assistance 

Long-Term Security Select a generator covered by a strong warranty and first-rate customer service. A reliable brand will make us feel confident if we experience any difficulties while traveling.

By considering these elements and our particular demands, we may select the ideal portable generator for our travel trailer. A dependable generator makes our trip enjoyable and worry-free, whether traveling or camping.


  1. How can I calculate the ideal generator size for my camper

    Calculate how much power your appliances require to determine the ideal generator size for your vacation trailer. This ensures you have enough electricity for your electronics, making traveling convenient and cozy.

  2. What advantages do I get if I connect my trailer to an inverter generator?

    We must pick an inverter generator like the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 or Honda EU2200i. It offers pure, reliable power that won’t destroy our delicate electronic devices. Additionally, it runs quietly, making camping more tranquil.

  3. Can I use a portable generator to power the air conditioner in my travel trailer?

    Absolutely! Choose a generator with appropriate starting power if you wish to utilize an air conditioner while traveling. This guarantees that even in hot weather, we may enjoy cold air in our caravan.

  4. What benefits do dual-fuel portable generators provide us with?

    A dual-fuel generator lets us use either petrol or propane to power it. This option is helpful, especially when we visit locations with limited fuel availability.

  5. Are there any possibilities for a quiet portable generator that would benefit us as travelers?

    Indeed, I do! Modern portable generators are designed to operate quietly, like the Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Inverter Generator. This allows us to power our trailer’s necessities without disturbing the quiet neighborhood.

  6. How does runtime affect our experience using a portable generator while traveling?

    Runtime is crucial in guaranteeing our comfort when traveling. A generator like the WEN 56200i may run for a very long time before needing to be refueled. As a result, we won’t have to stop as frequently, allowing us to go more quickly.

  7. Can we power our van with two portable generators combined parallel?

    Absolutely! To improve power output, some generators can be connected in parallel. It is beneficial if we need to power multiple devices at once.

  8. Do we have an affordable travel-friendly portable generator?

    Yes, affordable solutions are available. One such option is the WEN 56200i. We get dependable electricity from these generators at a reasonable cost, ensuring that our journey is enjoyable and inexpensive.

End Words

Getting the best portable generator for travel trailer is crucial for smooth, enjoyable travel. You can confidently select the best generator to provide continuous power wherever your adventures take you from a variety of top options offered. Explore and make the most of your travel experiences by staying powered and connected.

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