What Causes The Generator Not To Start?

What Causes The Generator Not To Start? 14 Possible Reasons

It isn’t enjoyable when your generator won’t start just backfires. It’s unclear to you what is wrong or how to solve it. Here are some typical reasons What Causes The Generator Not To Start, along with solutions so that you can diagnose and restart your generator.

Generator Won’t Start – Possible Causes

Check out these potential causes of a not starting generator if this isn’t the issue. Below are a few other factors that might exist:

Check The Fuel Level

Your generator won’t start if the gasoline is low or poor. After shutting down the generator, try creating it with a new gas tank. After a few minutes, if your generator still won’t start, you most likely have a severe issue that requires professional assistance.

Check The Oil Level

Verify that your generator has oil by checking the oil level. If the oil level drops too low, many generators include an automatic cutoff. You should consult your owner’s handbook to learn how often the oil has to be changed and when to add more, even if your vehicle doesn’t have an automatic shutdown. A lack of oil in your generator might harm the engine or result in other issues that make it difficult or impossible to start.

Check The Battery/Fuses

If your battery is too low, your generator probably won’t start. Make sure you have adequate voltage for your generator to start by measuring the voltage output of its battery with a multimeter. Consider obtaining a jump-start from another car or attempting a flash generator with an external battery if you don’t have enough voltage. A faulty fuse may occasionally prevent a generator from starting. Your generator cannot start if a fuse or breaker has tripped. Before contacting a professional, try resetting the breaker and inspecting the fuses linked to the generator’s battery.

Check The Power Switch

If your generator doesn’t start, ensure the power switch is working correctly. Check to see if it is on and if there are any chips or cracks. Get a new power switch from an authorized dealer to acquire an exact replacement.

Generator Does Not Start? YouTube Video

Generator Does Not Start?

Check The Starter Relay

If you’ve tried everything else and your generator still won’t turn on, you may need to check the starting relay. The failure of this component will prevent your generator from creating. Using a multimeter, you can make if the relay is receiving the proper voltage and that it clicks when you try to start the generator. Before attempting again, replace any faulty relays.

Check The Grounding

Find out where your generator is grounded, and make sure it is securely grounded. Check the grounding. If the ground connection is loose or flawed, your generator may have trouble starting. Check this final option if everything else appears in order, but you still have problems.

Make Sure The Generator Is Properly Plugged In

Ensure that the generator is correctly connected. Electric generators require a plug to function. Your generator cannot start if the cords you’re using are frayed or aren’t intended for outside usage. Once everything is clean and dry, try again after unplugging any additional devices connected to the generator.

It’s time to call a professional if none of these fixes helps your generator start. If you’re lucky, they can send someone out immediately to address your generator’s issues and get it back running. Before hiring a service professional, do all necessary tasks to avoid having to pay extra for their time traveling to your house.

Clean Or Replace The Air Filter On

If you haven’t had a chance to clean the air filter on your generator, it can keep it from starting. Clean it or replace it. Filters must be updated or properly cleaned since they can’t let the right amount of oxygen into an engine. Most home improvement businesses sell new ones. If you haven’t already, you should replace or clean the air filter on your generator as soon as possible to ensure this isn’t stopping it from starting.

Check The Gas Level

If your generator doesn’t start, you might not realize you need extra gas. To avoid waiting for the service professional, ensure your generator has enough gas in the tank to operate as intended. Keep the gas cap tight and watch how much gas you use over time to know when you need to fill up again.

Cleaning Or Maintenance

If your generator has never given you any trouble in the past, check to see if it has recently undergone cleaning and reset maintenance. Numerous issues might arise, especially if you haven’t had your generator serviced. Consider having it professionally maintained by an authorized dealer once or twice a year for the most outstanding performance.

Make Sure The Fuel Filter Isn’t Clogged

it may prevent your generator from starting if there is debris in it or if it has degraded over time. Before contacting a service expert, if the issue isn’t too severe, consider changing the gasoline filter.

Check For Spark

If your generator doesn’t start even after you’ve cleaned and maintained every other component specified, there could be an issue with the spark plug. Your generator won’t function properly if the engine doesn’t start due to improper sparking.

Check For Compression Of the Piston

If you have examined all the other parts and found no issues with them, this may point to a problem with the pistons in your generator. Your generator won’t have enough power to start it up if the compression is low. You have two options: call a service expert or do it yourself.


If your generator is overheating, there may not be adequate airflow, or you may be using it to power too much equipment at once. Then, try one more after fixing the machine, so it isn’t overheating.

If you have followed all the previous instructions but your generator still overheats, there may be an issue with the fan or another component. You can replace it yourself or ask a service expert for assistance.


If you’ve done all of the preceding steps and your generator still won’t start, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional. They can usually arrive on the same day. They will do diagnostic testing on your generator to ensure that it is working properly once again.


If My Generator Seems To Be Running Fine But Won’t Start, What Could The Problem Be?

If your generator doesn’t make any noise when you flip on the switch, there could be an issue with the starter. You ought to contact a service professional in this situation.

My Generator Starts But Then Won’t Stay On. What Should I Do?

If your generator starts up and then abruptly turns off, the issue can be that there is too much noise for it to remain running. Make sure the generator is functioning at a safe distance from any populated areas.

My Generator Won’t Start After I Replaced The Spark Plugs, What Should I Do?

You need to make sure the distributor cap is operating correctly.

My Generator Won’t Start After I Replaced The Fuel Pump, What Should I Do?

If your generator still doesn’t start after you’ve changed the fuel pump, it could have a fuel pump issue. It is so that the generator won’t create, a feature of many generators. Go to the section about the shut-off switch if you believe this to be the case.

Why Does My Generator Overheat?

Because of inadequate airflow or from operating too many appliances simultaneously, your generator may be overheating. Then, try one more after fixing the machine, so it isn’t overheating.

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