Who Makes Duromax Generator Engines?

Who Makes Duromax Generator Engines? 

Are you looking for a trustworthy, effective, and American-made generator? The only option is Duromax. Generators, engines, water pumps, and pressure washers are just a few of the many items Duromax sells. These items are entirely designed and maintained in Ontario, California. The Duromax brand is owned by DuroPowerTM, a seasoned manufacturer of engines and power equipment, which also produces the engines and component components on-site. Duromax offers a cost-effective, dependable, and versatile answer to your electrical demands with its 20 various generator types and ground-breaking DuroMax Dual Fuel technology. You can rely on the strength and dependability of Duromax generators due to their years of expertise and dedication to employing only American-made components.

Who Makes Duromax Generator Engines? 

Company Profile And History Of The Company

Gas-powered, propane-powered, and an innovative dual-fuel (hybrid) type are all available from the Duromax generator series. High accolades have been given to the Duromax brand for cost and dependability. Although DuroPower™ has been producing engines, power equipment, and component components since 1989, the Duromax business has only been around since 2003. This implies that owners of Duromax generators may rely on the decades of expertise the firm has acquired while developing the Duromax generator.

Duromax Offering

The Duromax line, which is a specialty of DuroPower™, provides 20 different generator models with two designs for single, triple, and four-cylinder engines. DuroPowerTM specializes in a range of generators for both residential and commercial usage. Additionally, the product range offers versions that run on gas, propane, and cutting-edge dual fuel (hybrid). These generators are regarded well for price and dependability, and they were made to adhere to the MTL and ETL requirements.
The DuroMax Dual Fuel technology from DuroPower™ enables the generator to run on either gasoline or liquid propane. Compared to gasoline alone, this delivers greater fuel efficiency, cost savings, and longer storage life. Averaging 20 hours on propane and 8 hours on gasoline, Duromax hybrid generators also provide the greatest running time.
Duromax generators put safety first, and DuroPowerTM guarantees safety while the generator is operating. The Low Oil Warning System, which alerts the user when the oil level is low and turns the generator off automatically to avoid engine damage, is a significant feature that distinguishes Duromax from other generators.
The construction of Duromax generators is another crucial factor. Every generator has cast-iron sleeves to shield the engine from knocks, scratches, and hard handling. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) have both approved Duromax generators as meeting air quality criteria.

Features And Specifications Of Duromax Generator Engines

Power Output And Fuel Efficiency

The power output of Duromax generator engines is likewise considerable, with some versions having a maximum of 15,000 watts. This qualifies them for a variety of uses, such as powering a small house during a power outage or supplying electricity for a construction site or outdoor event.
The fuel economy of Duromax generator engines is another important characteristic. Numerous versions are equipped with an automated voltage regulation system that regulates engine speed according to load, using less fuel and providing longer run times.

Durability And Reliability

Additionally, a heavy-duty steel frame is used with Duromax engines to increase stability and longevity. The generator can survive challenging outside circumstances thanks to the frame’s additional protective coatings, which prevent rust and corrosion.

Designed For Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of Duromax generator engines is also made simple. Many versions have user-friendly designs with accessible oil and air filters, making it easier to maintain the generator’s functionality.

Electrical Overload Breaker

The electrical overload breaker is another important component of Duromax generators. By automatically switching off the generator whenever the electrical load exceeds the generator’s capacity, this function safeguards the generator and associated equipment against power surges and overloads. This additional layer of security contributes to the generator’s durability and dependability as well as the user’s and connected devices’ safety.

Super-Quiet Muffler

The ultra-quiet muffler that Duromax generator engines provide is another important characteristic. This function lowers the generator’s operating noise level, making it less annoying to people around and to the environment as a whole. The generator is made more acceptable for usage in residential or business settings by the muffler, which is intended to lessen noise pollution. This capability is very helpful for those who use their generators to provide backup power at home or for loud occasions.

Low Oil Warning System

Your Duromax generator engine’s safety and endurance are guaranteed by the Low Oil Warning System. With the use of a visual display, this device is intended to alert the user when the oil level in the generator is becoming low. Once the minimal oil level is reached, the generator is subsequently turned off to save you. Your generator will automatically restart when the oil level is topped up, ensuring that it is constantly operating at its peak. This function offers peace of mind and additional generator safety for people who may not be able to regularly check the oil levels in their generators.

Some other features and specifications of Duromax generator engines:

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):

With the help of this function, the voltage output is guaranteed to stay constant regardless of the generator’s load. This aids in shielding your electronics and appliances from power spikes or fluctuations.

Automatic Idle Control

This function automatically modifies the engine speed to correspond to the power requirement, resulting in reduced noise and fuel consumption.

Electric Start:

A practical electric start option is included in many Duromax models, removing the need for manual starting.

Multiple Outlets

Multiple outlets, including regular 120V outlets, 120/240V outlets, and even USB connections, are included with Duromax generators, offering ease and versatility for powering a number of devices.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

The Duromax generator’s control panel is user-friendly and offers all the required data and settings, including voltage, frequency, and operating hours.

Easy To Transport

Wheels and handles are included with Duromax generators, making it simple to move them to new locations.

Duromax generator engines are a dependable and effective option for your power generation requirements thanks to all these features and specs. Duromax provides a model that will fit your demands and budget, whether you’re searching for a portable generator for your house or a corporate generator.

Availability And Support Duromax Generator Engines

Duromax and DuroStar generators are widely accessible for purchase on their website as well as through accredited dealers and retailers, in terms of availability and support. On Amazon, if you click on it, you can find some of the best Duromax generators. 
Both the Duromax and DuroStar generators include an extensive user manual and an easy-to-use control panel for assistance. The website also offers comprehensive details on the product’s features, specs, and troubleshooting manuals.
Additionally, both Duromax and DuroStar have a thorough customer care hotline that can address any queries or issues that clients may have. Additionally, they have a group of qualified experts that can provide repair and upkeep services for their goods.

All replacement parts are produced in California and may be purchased via the website or through authorized dealers.


For many different types of power requirements, Duromax generator engines offer a dependable and effective option. DuroMax Power Equipment, a US-based producer of portable generators, engines, and associated power equipment, is the business responsible for these engines. Duromax generator engines are intended to perform the hardest duties and are ideal for construction sites, outdoor events, and backup power during blackouts thanks to their cutting-edge features and exceptional quality. It is simple to adapt a Duromax generator to meet particular requirements thanks to the large selection of accessories available. Therefore, give Duromax some thought the next time you require a high-performance generator engine.


  1. What Engine Is Used In DuroMax Generators?

    DurapowerTM manufactures the DuroMax OHV engine at their Ontario, California, facility, which comes in a variety of cubic capacity (cc) sizes. Each engine is built to provide the wattage required to adequately fulfill your demands.

  2. Are DuroStar And DuroMax The Same Company?

    DuroPower™ also owns the Durostar brand in addition to the Duromax generator. Ontario, California, is home to both businesses. Every product is created, developed, and produced under the DuroPowerTM brand. The Durostar brand does not produce hybrid or inverter generators, despite being a sister firm with numerous similar products.

  3. Where Can I Get Parts For My Duromax Or Durostar Generator?

    If you’ve ever tried to purchase new components for a generator, you may be sure that they’ll come from the Duromax or Durostar firm in California. Under the DuroPowerTM trademark, all component parts are manufactured locally for each brand. Your Duromax or Durostar generator should only occasionally need new components if it is given the right care and upkeep.

  4. Does DuroMax Offer A warranty On Their Generators?

    Yes, the generators from DuroMax come with a warranty. Depending on the make and model of the generator you buy, the warranty’s particular conditions and duration will vary. The easiest way to learn more about the warranty for the particular generator you’re interested in is to review the product specs or speak with the manufacturer.

  5. Can I Run My DuroMax Generator In Parallel With Another Generator?

    Yes, with the DuroMax MX2 RV/Parallel Kit, DuroMax generators may operate in parallel with another generator. This enables you to combine two DuroMax generators to provide more power overall. It is essential to remember that for the generators to operate in parallel, they must all be of the same type and output voltage.

  6. What Is The Noise Level Of A DuroMax Generator?

    Depending on the type and the generator’s load, a DuroMax generator’s noise level might change. To combat engine noise, DuroMax generators are built with a custom muffler and totally independent motor mounts.

  7. Can I Use My DuroMax Generator for RV Camping?

    Yes, DuroMax generators are built to be tough and portable, which makes them a fantastic choice for RV camping. They offer many power plug choices and a range of power output options for flexible connectivity. Because they can operate on propane for an average of 20 hours, the DuroMax hybrid generators are an excellent choice for RV camping.

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